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    Thanks very much I received my order and it was really fast, it was supposed to be something of seven days but I received it before seven days, it was well packaged ,at first I was upset because after paying about 72$ /69€ , I also have to pay 25 euro 50 cents for deliver something like tax duty in France from DHL , THAT WAS WHY I WAS REALLY UPSET BECAUSE EVERYTHING COST ME ABOUT 93€, which was the same price in Cdiscount shop, well I won’t be anymore because only the packaging alone will melt your heart you won’t be upset. So for that I will give you a five star and I will try to patronize you again from this shop ❤️❤️❤️

    Skin Free Beautifying Milk 100ml
    Skin Free Beautifying Milk 100ml
    Skin Free Beautifying Milk 100ml
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  2. Holger R


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  3. makjuli2023

    Very good quality and yours is original

    Carotene Black Spot Corrector 30ml
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  4. Oluwaseun A

    Thank you, I got my orders in a good shape and in good time without any hassle. You’ve earned a customer in me.

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    • Lami

      Hi Oluwaseun,

      Thank you for choosing Lami Fragrance. We hope you enjoy your purchase!

  5. fannychoox

    I’ve been using Shea glow for years now and and have always bought direct from bismid. The colour of the cream had always been white with a paper lid, a thick plastic lid before the main cover., I decided to buy online from Lani fragrance and the cream turned out light pink without the thick plastic lid. I haven’t had the courage to use cos I don’t know if it’s fake or bismid made the changes. I still need clarification . Can’t really give a good rating yet

    Shea Glow Recovery Cream 200g
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  6. Ezekiel S

    This product is the very best. It exfoliates my skin so well and it brightens too. Did I forget to add its mild and very gentle to skin and it also has a nice fragrance.

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  7. Zac H

    Its like lotion added to a new packing.. not very effective…..i had higher expectations

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  8. Sheri

    Very good cream. It worked well for me. It is gradually clearing my acne.

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  9. Matt M

    Alles Perfekt gelaufen! Der Versand nach Deutschland verlief reibungslos Sehr gutes Öl! Ich kann Lami Fragrance nur empfehlen.

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  10. Adeola O

    At first I was skeptical about purchasing, but I decided to give it a try and I must confess that I’m impressed by the services, right from the confirmation of order to the shipping, all was seamless and I got my orders in due time without any hassle.

    Amos Make me White Fade Milk 120ml
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  11. Abimbola O

    So amazing team.. Received within two working days.

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  12. Abimbola O

    I am very pleased with the customer service, so professional and the shipping was damn fast. I have not started usage, will give further review later.

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  13. adegjosh

    Love it

    Eros Eau De Toilette for Men 100ml
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  14. Shahnaz A

    I gave it 3 stars because it’s been a week and half, I see no results yet. I really hope I haven’t wasted my money on this product. I read reviews that it’s supposed to work within 2 weeks, so hopefully I’ll see a difference by next week. I would assume results would show gradually.

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  15. Olatunde B

    Very effective serum

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  16. Jamila I

    Great product

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  17. Laura

    Very nice product

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  18. Theresa

    I am pleased with the product and quick shipping.

    Thank you

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  19. AA

    Not harsh at all but cleans so effectively, smooths and brightens the skin as well. Good for face and body.

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  20. Anya B

    I’ve watched reviews for this stuff, and supposedly it’s supposed to work pretty fast and is pretty effective, but so far I haven’t seen an ounce of improvement in my skin. I’ve used it alongside the White Blinks and with vitamin C. I’ve even used two instead of one every two days. I’m already naturally pretty fair skin, and am mainly trying to lighten some uneven areas on my body and lighten my freckles and dark spots and scarring, but I haven’t seen any changes with this or the White Blinks.

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