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Shop variety of high quality perfume oils online. Our Perfume oils are 100% undiluted and concentrated making it long lasting than their eau de perfume counterparts.

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Shop our Perfume Oils – a collection of aromatic masterpieces formulated for the selective nose. Our fragrance oils boasts some of the most sought-after essences, including the aquatic freshness of Surrati Aqva 121, the deep romance of Surrati Bakarat Rouje, and the bold mystique of Surrati Tom Oud.

Unlike normal perfumes, our oils are concentrated, so they stay on your skin throughout the day, changing and revealing their intricacies. The Surrati Aqva 121 evokes the essence of a fresh ocean wind, with an exhilarating perfume that wakes your senses. The Surrati Bakarat Rouje is a lavish bouquet that envelops you in a passionate hug.  And for those who dare to be different, the Surrati Tom Oud is an enigmatic concoction that combines woody richness with a hint of the orient.

We have all these and more in our online shop. Our Perfume oils are perfect for layering, allowing you to create a truly personalized fragrance that is as unique as you are. They are also free from alcohol, making them suitable for all skin types and perfect for those who prefer a more natural approach to scent.