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10 Best Moisturizers To Pop Your Melanin

10 Best Moisturizers To Pop Your Melanin

One of  the easiest ways to keep your skin looking its best is by moisturizing. Keeping your skin hydrated regularly makes you look younger, fights off wrinkles, improves skin texture and appearance, prevents dry and flaky skin, and fights acne. Some moisturizers comes with sunscreen built in, thus, protecting you from the sun. Moisturizers enriched with skin-calming ingredients like Aloe Vera and Chamomile, saves sensitive skin from issues like eczema, redness and itchy patches.

To get all the benefits of a great moisturizer, you must be dedicated to applying it on your skin on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, I recommend twice daily – in the morning and at night. Here, We bring you 10 of our best skin hydrating companion.


We are obsessed with this luxurious body cream Do we talk about its beautiful scent of well blended honey and Green Tea Extract or the fact that it doesn’t disappoint at moisturizing!. It effectively moisturizes the skin, reduces dryness and provide all day moisture protection. Leaving the skin silky smooth and beautifully fragrant.


This specifically formulated lotion / cream is non-greasy, non-irritating and non-comedogenic (does not clogged pores). It contains special ingredients that bind water to skin and helps prevent moisture loss, to soothe your dry & sensitive skin, making it soft and smooth, leaving you feeling more comfortable in your own skin.


This product range is formulated with naturally active ingredients that provides real skincare solution. It’s fragrance free, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, gentle enough for everyday use and locks in moisture for a full 24 hours. This nourishing lotion range leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is formulated with naturally active  colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients to prevent and protect dry skin. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15, locks in skin’s natural moisture while providing sunscreen protection from aging UVA and burning UVB rays. Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion is made with natural oatmeal and essential oils that calms and relaxes you while locking in moisture. Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion is formulated with Triple oat complex with oat oil and Shea butter, to soothe sensitive, itchy, dry skin while enhancing the skin’s moisture barrier.


Vaseline Total Moisture range are formulated from natural ingredients with Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture to penetrate deep down in your skin layer, leaving your skin deeply moisturized, healthy, soft and smooth. Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Lotion is made from pure oat extract. Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion contains pure aloe extract, known to refresh and soothe skin. Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow Lotion contains pure cocoa butter extract, known to reveal the skin’s natural glow.


Restore your skin’s tone and texture, and reveal a more youthful and natural glow with Naturewell’s Clinical Retinol Advanced Moisture Cream. Made for all skin types, this moisturizer deeply hydrates and smooth out rough patches and flaky skin.


Relieve dry skin with Neutrogena Moisture Wrap Body Lotion. It does more than just smoothing the dull flakiness of the skin clinically proven to help dry skin retain more moisture by wrapping your skin with a unique combination of moisturizers that penetrate deep into skin to relieve uncomfortable dryness from within, where it starts.


Made for normal-to-dry skin types, this hydrating lotion helps to replenish dry skin and moisturize for 24 hours. Enriched with vitamin B5 and essential moisturizers to improve skin’s moisture barrier. Great for smoothing over hands and body daily, for a clean, pleasant feel on the skin.


E45 Moisturizing Lotion is a light moisturizer that’s perfect for daily use on the body, face and hand, to correct and prevent dry skin and other skin problems. It soothes, protects and care for your skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and hydrated. This moisturizer is perfume-free, dermatologically tested and allergy-screened, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

Formulated with hyaluronic acid to help retain the skin’s natural moisture, thus, providing all day hydration. It contains three essential ceramides which helps to restore the protective skin barrier. It is gentle on skin and does not clogged pores.

AmLactin Daily Moisturizing Lotion

This special formula exfoliates the skin to encourage natural skin cell renewal, while at the same time, delivering intense hydration deep into the skin. It contains lactic acid, an Alpha-Hydroxyl Acid (AHA), which occurs naturally within the skin, as well as rich emollients and creamy humectants that hydrate and smooth rough – dry skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. It should be used with sunscreen as AHA could increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunburn.

There you have it. 10 of our best moisturizers that refresh, hydrate and pop your melanin.

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