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4 Budget Friendly Perfume Picks


Ever walked past someone and the fragrance that wafts from him/her is so nice that you just had to take a second look? You may not even have noticed the person at first sight, maybe their beauty is not a head turning one, but some fragrances are so nice that they command attention. It could even be that someone walks into a room and automatically, everyone turns to look at the person because they smell so nice and the fragrance fills the room.


You may have had to stop someone just because you want to get the name of the fragrance he or she is wearing or you could have been the one stopped. That’s the power of a good fragrance. People may not even remember how you looked but they will remember how you smelt. Just as body odour can be offensive, while a nice fragrance can be attractive.


Contrary to what we believe, you don’t have to spend so much to get a nice bottle of perfume. There are quite a number of budget friendly perfume picks that guarantees you smell nice without breaking the bank. All you need do is consult a perfume connoisseur or browse through collections on sites that sell quality fragrance. If you are not sure of the exact one to pick from the description, you can contact a sales rep for suggestions. And don’t be afraid to try different fragrances before you settle on the one you feel suits you best.

You can also ask friends for referrals but keep your budget in mind. Also, you can look out for sales and discounts that help you get quality fragrances at prices that are comfortable for you. Feel free to try any of the suggestions mentioned in this post and let us know which works best for you. Smelling nice is good business so be certain that the next time you step out; you command attention with the fragrance you wear.

4. Justitia 73 by Mat. Hamilton

This French women perfume is floral with a smokey twist that is pretty cool. At just N8,000 you will agree that it is well worth the price.

3. Oud Touch by Franck Olivier


Haha! this ones got the heart of a man who is looking for a pretty good and affordable cologne. With a 12 hour longevity and that amazing opening of sweet-smokey, masculine strength, this baby is only N8,500.


2. Fantasy by Britney Spears

This women fragrance is all yummy goodness in a cute hot pink bottle. For the price of only N13,000 you will be wowed at how addicting and yummy this is. It sensual, feminine and long lasting to pieces.


1. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

This is how a queen should smell. White diamond is pure elegance made of sheer florals which follows you and becomes part of you. A real classic to behold for just N15000


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