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5 Hottest Whitening Creams 2019

An uneven skin tone can make you conscious of your appearance. However, a good skin whitening cream can help you get rid of those hyper-pigmentation problems. We have compiled a list of safe, mild and gentle, 5 Hottest whitening creams that work effectively in improving the appearance of your skin.

Samira Toning Milk Immense Whitening Therapy SPF 15

Samira is formulated with Biotermaclearycin, Saffron, Alpha Arbutin, Licorice and Milk Thistle.  These ingredients are a unique combination of the most exclusive lightening botanical extracts available in skincare.  It whitens and even out your skin tone, and control the formation of melanin responsible for the skin’s dark colour. The daily use of this smooth velvety lotion effectively fades hyperpigmentation problems such as freckles, age spot, pimples mark, scars. Apply evenly unto your body to leave your skin clear, soft, discoloration free, smooth and refreshed.

Diamond Glow Elegant Whitening Treatment Milk

This body lotion is formulated with Dandelion Extract (a source of potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sodium. It is also very rich in Vitamins A, B, C and D) and Amla (an antioxidant with Vitamin C & A, known to boost collagen production). It effectively reduces inflammation and hyperpigmentation problems of the skin such as: fine lines, wrinkles, scars, pregnancy marks and acne marks. For younger, youthful skin apply Diamond Glow lotion evenly onto your body for a lighter blemish free, more even skin tone. Recommended for all skin types and for use only on the body.

Supreme White Paris Range

Supreme White Paris offers a complete range of natural plant extract, carefully prepared by Dermaclean and designed for black skin. Their cosmetics range consist of;  
Supreme White Sacred Union Range
formulated with amber and caviar extracts. Supreme White Sacred Union Luxury Body Milk is particularly for treating pigmentation problems and for repairing the hypodermic tissue of the skin. This body lotion moisturizes, slows down skin aging, fades dark areas in no time and makes your skin lighter and more evened out for a young-looking, beautiful, silky and soft skin. Supreme White Sacred Union Glycerin is an advanced whitening glycerin for adding moisture, combating dry and cracked skin, lightening as well as promoting supple and radiant skin. Supreme White Sacred Union Toning Serum corrects flaws and pigmentation on your skin. Giving you a beautiful, lighter and more unified skin tone. Supreme White Sacred Union Soap cleanses, lightens and nourishes the skin to reveal supple skin.

Supreme White Exclusive Intensive Range
formulated with carrot extract (Beta Carotene). Supreme White Exclusive Intensive Body Lotion Premium gives a thorough lightening transformation to the skin appearance. As a moisturizer this lotion works to create a soft, supple skin while tackling skin discolorations and uneven skin. Making your skin looking young and beautiful as ever. Supreme White Exclusive Intensive Serum clarifies the skin by reducing the visibility of skin discoloration and dark marks, leaving the skin looking radiant. Supreme White Exclusive Intensive Glycerin moisturizes, heals, lightens, refreshes, tones, soothes and tighten the skin. It accelerate cell renewal process, for a brighter and radiant complexion. Supreme White Intense Exclusive Face Tube Cream works as a skin lightener to enhance the skin complexion by unifying skin tone and skin discoloration. Supreme White Intense Exclusive Purifying Lotion Toning Care helps to regulate sebum excretion, regulates the skin pH, cleanses as well as lighten the skin complexion. Apply morning and night with cotton wool to cleanse the face as well as the neck to achieve more uniformed skin complexion. Get lighter, even and radiant complexion with the Supreme White Intense Exclusive Soap.

Supreme White Exceptionel Range formulated with shea butter. Supreme White Exceptionel Body Lotion brings instant and lasting hydration to your skin as well as skin lightening action. Radiance is restored to your skin and your skin becomes silky and smooth. Supreme White Exceptionel Glycerin has a double-action effect. It moisturizes and lightens the skin, it regenerates and nourishes dry and sensitive skin and also soothes irritation. It penetrates the skin easily, restore suppleness and radiance to the skin. Supreme White Expectionel Anti-impurities Balm helps the skin to eliminate impurities that can to age while diminishing the appearance of dark areas. Supreme White Exceptionel Face and Body Soap has an antiseptic and exfoliating effect, dead cell are eliminated leaving the complexion lighter, silkier and radiant. Supreme White Exceptionel Skin Lightening Gel Cream is formulated with powerful lightening agent. It has a creamy texture for a soft and consistent facial skin complexion. Supreme White Expectionel Serum is formulated using a high-powered, natural skin lightening ingredients. It has an immediate soothing effect and it helps to restore the skin defense mechanism, protecting it from tough and harsh conditions. It effectively reduce the appearance of over-pigmented areas and ensures that optimum moisture level are retained and maintained. This formula penetrates the skin easily leaving it soft, supple and smooth.

Patricia Reyneir Range

The Patricia Reynier Merveille Intense Milk is a body milk formulated from the best vegetable extracts and Carrot oil, rich in vitamins, specially designed for black and coloured skin. This lotion is 100% natural. It repairs, restores and restructures the skin’s epidermis. It softens and moisturizes while it fights against hyperpigmentation marks caused by ageing, sun exposure, insect bites, pregnancy and misuse of drugs. For optimal performance, use with the entire Patricia Reynier Merveille Intense Range.

Patricia Reynier Argan Milk Toning Care Treatment with Argan oil is formulated to whitening the skin, to maintain fair complexion and to rejuvenate the skin. Argan oil with it’s moisturizing and anti-ageing qualities will nourish, renew and reinvigorate the skin epidemic. Putting a youthful and radiant look to the skin. Use generously on the skin after bath, 2 or 3 times daily, or use specifically on troubled spots . For best performance, use with the whole Patricia Reynier Argan Range.

Express Plus Face and Neck Cream by Patricia Reynier is a condensed hydrating cream designed to slow down ageing. It tightens the skin on the face and neck region, it fades lines on the neck and chest region. Resulting in a smoother skin and brighter glow. It is suitable for all skin types. Apply day and night, smoothing over the face, neck and chest.

Bismid Snow White Cream

This product is one of the best selling whitening product in the Nigerian market. It is proudly Nigeria, tiwa n tiwa (ours is ours). It contains kojic acid and glutathione, with essential vitamins and minerals that nourishes and maintain light, bright and fair skin to dermatologist standard. Apart from it’s whitening effect, it fight against dark spots and also improves skin texture. This mild cream leaves your skin looking more fair, soft, refreshed and radiant.

These are our top 5 Hottest Whitening Creams in2019. These are effective and popular skin lightening creams for flawless and radiant skin. All are available for purchase in our store.


  1. Atinuke Ekundayo

    Please where can I get the original bismid product In ilorin kwara state.

  2. Horlamilekan Sulaimon

    Nice cream

  3. Please where can I get bismid cream in Ghana?

  4. I need a good lotion that will make me look young .there some lotion that normally give me white dots on my leg .I have a normal skin and oil face .I need the one that will make me look younger than age

  5. Pls do you have a place in Lagos I can get one of those creams, and how much do they cost.

  6. This cream looks nice and could work fine on my skin, but the prices are not included.

  7. I love the cream but the money is too high, you don’t have the cheapest one that will be okay

  8. I’m happy to see this product and I really want to start using it. I’m very dark but I want to be white

  9. Louis Chilton

    I seriously love this write up, all the product looks pretty good, can’t just wait to get one

  10. Obi Esther

    Please I need a best cream for my body and face that will not have side effect. Lighting/Toning Cream

  11. Need a good body cream that will make me light and clear dark knuckles.

  12. Please i really want an even toned skin. Can i trust supreme white on that. And how much is it. Thanks.

  13. Nkadimeng

    Good afternoon I would like to buy you product that lighten the skin that can give me 3 shade in 2 weeks. Thank you. Im in South Africa

  14. Oyinlade Oluwaseun

    Where can I get this cream and it we make me light …….cos am chocolate I want to do the cream to make me light

  15. Juliet Omoiniy

    Please how can I get one of this cream like which part in Lagos I can get it now please

  16. Olorunfemi Dolapo

    Pls recommend cream for a light body.

  17. Lamtrix De Silva

    Where can I get in Nigeria please

  18. Hallie Ngotu

    I have tried Bismid…it shouldn’t be on that list..

  19. Where can I buy bismid product

  20. Chika Blessing

    How do I get this

  21. Ayoade Adedunni

    Where can I buy it please

  22. Please what cream can i use, i mean whitening cream

  23. Laide Olorunfemi

    I totally agree with you guys review on that bismid Snow White cream..its a no,spoilt my skin as well especially my legs were so dark from the other parts of my body..if you love your skin don’t try it..its better to be dark for a while than damage your skin..I even messaged them letting them know the reaction i got,no one replied me till date.

  24. Pls what face cream can i use,my skin is very dry and am caramel in complexion

  25. Even the owner of bismid doesnt have a nice skin… The day i saw her, i wondered what people see in her products since thesame products couldnt correct her discolorations, knuckles and dark patches. I hv vowed since then never to use her products.

  26. For me Bismid Snow White will Whiten you But with a serous Green Veins ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️I dont like the cream

  27. Martina Eze

    I used Bismid Snow white lotion, and it totally destroyed my lovely skin. i will advise everyone to avoid it.

  28. Oluwaseun

    Hello, I was a little fair in complexion but now I have become brown, which of the collection will bring out that bright and fairness back please?

  29. Salami Justina

    Hello,am caramel skin tone,I want to know if Bismid snowwhite body cream will lighten my face and body,and make me glow. Thankyou

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