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Beauty Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without

Beauty Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without

 Beauty Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without


My mom used to say “you never know whom you would bump into, so you should always look your best”. But I didn’t always listen to her, shame on me. Many a times, I have been caught unawares and fallen victim of her wise saying. I dress hurriedly, rush out and boom bump into high school classmates, ex-boyfriends, crushes, old friends and colleagues. After which I feel bad about not taking my time to look good. Having learnt my lesson the hard way, I must say, looking good is real business.

Am quite sure that you don’t want to be looking less than perfect when you bump into someone from your past (or someone in your future). So, I bring you a some best beauty essentials you should never leave home without. Always keep them together in a purse for easy access when you need them. Whether you are on the go, or heading down the street, or going to the mall or cinemas, or hanging out with friends, boo or family; these beauties will always have your back.


1. Wet wipes

These beauties can be used to wipe off oil, dirt, and other impurities from your face, and smudged makeup from your face to feel clean and refreshed. This could be baby wipes or makeup towels, whichever you have in hand.

2. Oil blotting paper

No one wants a shiny t-zone. Oil build up can cause breakout, so put the sheen under control with oil blotting paper.

3. Tissues

They are one of the most important sanitary essentials for women and they are very versatile and cheap, could also be used to dab at the oil forming over your makeup amongst other things *wink*.

4. Concealer

The makeup you applied in the morning might begin to fade away revealing those dark eye circles due to lack of sleep, pimples, and scar. Keep concealers with you always, so you won’t be caught unprepared when you need a quick touch up to hide those blemishes.

5. Compact powder

Your face may become oily as the day goes by. So keep powder in your purse to hide flaws and control oil on your face. Note that multiple layers of powder can cause clog pores and lead to breakout. Prevent these by blotting excess shine using a oil blotting paper before apply your quick and emergency touch up with powder.

6. Kajal/ Eyeliner

Keep your eyes drawing attention all through the day with a kajal or eyeliner for that cat eye and smokey eye look. For Kajals, I urge you to try the Maybelline collosal Kajal.

7. Brow pencil

Just in case you accidentally touch your brows and need to fill any gap that result from touching it.

8. Lip balm

Don’t allow you lips to dry out, crack and peel off. Hydrate and moisturize your pout regularly for a supple and dewy lips.

9. Cheek and lip stain

These beauties add the right amount of colour to brighten up your look.

10. Lip stick

Your makeup is not complete without a lipstick. Rubbed off lipstick create a washed out look. So, keep a tube of lipstick for a quick touch up to pop up your look.

11. Perfume

To crown it all, keep a miniature bottle of your favourite mist, body spray or perfume in your purse always, to smell as good as you look.

A lady shouldn’t leave home without her hand bag. So you should have all your favourite things in it that you would need for an emergency. These beauty items are what we think a lady should never leave home without. 

What are your favourite things in your beauty purse? Join the conversation by leaving a comment.

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