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Beauty Blog| Best Sunscreen for Black Skin

Best Sunscreen for Black Skin

Beauty Blog - Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen Spf 55 Review

You have read in one or several beauty magazines and articles that to have beautiful, younger looking, hyper-pigmented free skin you must wear a sunscreen every time you set out into the sun. You went ahead to get a sunscreen at a beauty store close to you but to your disappointment, this whitey substance leaves your skin looking white and ashy – leaving a white cast on your face that won’t go away no matter how hard you rub at it. The end result? a white ghostly face stirring back at you!

As people of colour, we are faced with the important question – “which sunscreen is best for my skin type”? Do not fret, you are not alone in the search for the golden sunscreen that is perfect for the dark, African skin. Here are tested reviews on Best Sunscreens that will protect your skin but won’t leave you looking ashy!

1. Black Girl Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF30

Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30

We swear by this Black Girl Sunscreen. A moisturizing sunscreen suitable for normal to dry skin and comes with a broad-spectrum SFP30 to protect your melanin skin from UVA/UVB rays. Its formula is fortified with Jojoba and Avocado OIl to help hydrate and reduce early signs of aging caused by the sun. It also contains Cacao to even out your skin complexion and Carrot juice to heal your skin. Finally, this sunscreen is not only moisturizing which  can serve as a day cream but its fragrance-free and does not leave white cast/ residues on your skin. For the perfect sunscreen and a perfect sun kissed glow we recommend Black Girl Moisturizing Suncreen SPF30.

2. Missha Aqua Sunscreen SPF50

Missha Aqua Sun Gel SPF50

Tried and tested, this K-Beauty sunscreen finds its way into our list of Best Sunscreen for Black Skin.  Missha Aqua Sun Gel SPF50 gives you the invisible finish that you look for in a sunscreen. A hydrating gel sunscreen infused with Aquaporin formula  and Hyaluronic Acid to help you nourish and deeply moisturize your skin. Missha Aqua lightweight sunscreen gives your skin instant glow without clogging or causing break out.

3. Rohto Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel

Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF35 110G

Rohto Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel  is a oil-free Japanese sunscreen enriched of Hyaluronic Acid, 70 Amino Acids and Collagen to moisturize and protect your skin from sun damage. Suitable to use on black skin without leaving a white cast or leaving your skin feeling dry. It comes in a thin gel-like consistency that glides easily on to the skin.

4. Neutrogena Clear Face Break-Out Free Liquid-Lotion SPF55

Neutrogena Skin Care Clear Face Break-Out Free Sunscreen SPF55

Neutrogena Clear Face sunscreen is a winner for beautiful youthful skin. What’s more, it comes with a broad-spectrum SPF 55 that protects the skin from UVA/ UVB rays. Its texture is light weight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. When rubbed on skin it disappears and seeps through the skin, leaving behind no trace of whitish remnants. Furthermore, if you are prone to acne breakouts, this formula won’t irritate or break you out!  However this product does leave your face shiny in a glowy way so we suggest this for normal to dry Skin.

5. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen 


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen is a winner for the oily/combination skin whether purchased in the SPF 30, 45, 50, 55 OR 100 formula! Light weight as well and won’t leave your dark skin looking ashy nor will it clog your pores. For the swimmers, its 80 minute water resistant too!

Sunscreen Beauty Tips:

  • Allow sunscreen to sit up to 15 mins before applying moisturizer, makeup or setting out into the sun.
  • Use a nickel/coin size dollop on the face and 2 tablespoon full on exposed body.
  • Remember that you need to keep re-applying sunscreen every 3 -4 hours if you will be spending a  lot of time outdoors.
  • For maximum protection always purchase a broad spectrum sunscreen within the range of SPF 30 – 50. anything higher than an SPF 50 will only cost you more money and won’t work any way better than an SPF 50

There you have it, our Top 5 best sunscreen for people of colour. Remember that the right sunscreen protects you from sun burn, is anti-aging and is anti-skin cancer.

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