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Perfume Blog: Mother's day perfume gift ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Perfumes

2018 Mother's day gift ideas | Lami Fragrance


It’s no doubt that 2018 Mother’s Day has come and gone but the time is still very ripe to celebrate mom and give her a befitting gift. Personally, I’d rather have her sent some sweet smelling fragrance as against folks who would usually send flowers and some other things like that. So, right here is where you’ll be getting the right directions if you’re yet to get your mom a gift or are having trouble selecting your choice of the best perfume for Mother’s Day 2018.

 What’s Her Favorite Scent?

It’s possible your mom may have a favorite fragrance already and in this case, you can just restock what she likes and has been used to. If you aren’t sure of her choice, you can easily have a sneak peek at her nightstand to see what she uses.

 Get Her A Super-Luxe Fragrance

It’s a time to celebrate the amazing life of our mothers and so it’s not a bad idea after all if you decide to spoil her with something that is beyond ordinary. It’s usually better if she has no favorite fragrance already as you can make it more of a surprise to further make the process as beautiful as it can get. If you’ll need recommendations, either the Kenzo Amour Perfume or the F by Ferragramo will do just great. The Lady Million is also another beautiful option.


What’s Her Personality?

Her kind of person can also help you determine what type of fragrance would be the perfect perfume for Mother’s Day celebrations. If you aren’t already caught up in a product, consider using the idea of her personality in getting her super-amazing fragrance. If her personality is somehow classic or conservative, it’s highly likely she’ll like a fragrance with a sweet-smelling woody scent such as Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman. What if she is passionate and glam? Floral tones like the Mat. Hamilton Justitia French perfume would seem most perfect for her.


If you see her as the mom with a bold and strong personality, then going the line of fragrances with a rich and fresh floral scent is the best. Lastly, if her personality reminds you of simplicity and you think she’s on the light side, you’ve got to gift a simple and pure fragrance she’ll most likely cherish.

 Will you like to have her name engraved on the perfume?

Although this may seem like an extravagant thing to do but engraving her name on that bottle will always give her that amazing feeling each time she sprays and finds her name etched right on the label. Some manufacturers offer this but it would usually come at an additional cost and perhaps a few more days to await your delivery of the product.

 If you still don’t get it, just give her something you love!

There is this unwritten rule when shopping for a fragrance, that a particular fragrance you love would most likely be well-received by your loved one too. So, if it seems you’re not making headway from the ideas we’ve provided or you simply don’t want to spend the time looking up different brands and products, you can just simply pick for her a fragrance you find amazing.


You can check out our store for some super amazing fragrances which won’t just fit the bill for the best Mother’s Day perfume but will also keep her smiling every time she wears the scent. With any of these fragrances from world-renowned brands that includes Gucci, Just Cavalli, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, and the likes, you can be rest assured that mom will always send her love and gratitude from her heart. You know she always has!

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