Brow Couture Grooming Kit


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    Achieve flawless, perfectly defined eyebrows with Femme Couture Brow Couture Grooming Kit. This brow kit is perfect for women who are novice in the art of making up or who need a little bit of help to create the perfect brow.

    This eyebrow kit contains:

    • 2 Stencils for creating a natural arch or a dramatic harsh
    • Brow powder to fill in and define brows
    • Brow brush to easily apply brow powder

    How to Use Femme Couture Brow Couture Grooming Kit:

    1. Choose any of the stencils to customize the look of your choice
    2. Place stencil over one eyebrow, placing it alongside your natural brow shape. Hold in place with thumb and index finger.
    3. Use the brow brush to apply a small amount of the brow powder to the eyebrow to fill in colour and define shape.
    4. Flip the stencil over and repeat for other brow.


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    Femme Couture Brow Couture Grooming Kit | Lami Fragrance
    Brow Couture Grooming Kit
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