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Weekly And Monthly Skincare Regimen You Should Follow

Weekly And Monthly Skincare Regimen You Should Follow

In our previous post, we talked about skincare routine you should follow on a daily basis. This include; using facial cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream and anti-aging cream – either in the morning or at night or both. If you missed it, click HERE to read.

While maintaining a daily skincare routine is very important, some skincare activities don’t need to be done everyday; a few times in a week or once a month will suffice. Here are some skincare routine you can follow on a weekly and monthly basis.


Tip #1. Exfoliate Your Skin

Gently scrubbing the surface of your skin helps to get rid of dead skin cell to reveal new, youthful-looking and radiant skin. Here are our best face and body scrubs to get the job done: Naturals by Watson Blood Orange Body Scrub; or Skin Doctor Face and Body Scrub; or Eden Extra Whitening Apricot Face and Body Scrub; or Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Scrub ; or Pielor Hammam El Hana Argan Therapy Body Scrub

Tip #2. Use Facial Mask

While exfoliating is great, don’t stop there. Use a facial mask at least once a week. Facial mask helps to hydrate the skin; remove excess oil and dead skin cell, making you skin look smooth, supple and absolutely amazing. We recommend you try the: Mei Nai Er Peel Off Mask Dead Sea Mud; or Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask; or Korea 24k Gold Mask; or Makari Peel Off Mask; or Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Tip #3. Use Lip Scrub

While you exfoliate your face, don’t forget your lips. Nobody loves lipsticks on cracked lips. So to have that kissable lips, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub to remove dead skin on lips; and keep them moisturized with a lip balm. Also, always use lipsticks that moisturizes. Try the M.Chue Kiss Me Lip Whitening Balm, it exfoliates and moisturizes the lips, leaving it smooth, soft and pink.

Tip #4. Use a Hand Lotion

Our hands and fingernails are exposed to harsh chemicals on a daily basis. This is the more reason we should take good care of them. We recommend you try Argan Oil Hand and Nail Cream to renew the skin around your hands and help the cuticles around your nails.

Tip #5. Use a Foot Lotion

We usually pay more attention to our face, neglecting other parts of our body. We forget that after the face, the next thing people look at is our feet. Nobody loves to stare at cracked heels. So to avoid this problem; scrub, wash and dry feet properly, then apply a foot lotion like: The Foot Factory Foot Lotion; or Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream


Tip #1. Examine Your Skin

Once a month, check your skin for any moles or spots that may have changed or emerged. If you do notice any changes, do play it safe. However, if you notice any emergence, book an appointment with your dermatologist.

#2. Visit A SPA

At least once in a month, let someone else take care of you and pamper you – from head to toe – while you relax. Get your facials, body treatments and massage, pedicure and manicure done while getting your body and soul refreshed at the same time.

There you go: A skincare regimen you can follow on a weekly and monthly basis. Tell us your weekly and/or monthly skincare routine in the comment below.

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