Mimi’s Natural Wild Honey


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  • Raw, unadulterated honey from Nigeria’s native forest
  •  Eat it with your morning yogurt, blend into a soothing tea, add it to your smoothies, or savor straight from the spoon—our Wild Honey is versatile and nourishing
  • It can be used as a face mask to draw out impurities, heal and exfoliate the skin
  • Made with no additives and no preservatives

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Mimi's Natural Wild Honey 380g
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Mimi’s Natural Wild Honey is a pure golden honey from Nigeria’s native forest. Our honey begins its journey in the lush, untamed wilds of Nigeria, where bees buzz from flower to flower, transferring the essence of a thousand flowers within their tiny, tireless bodies. These are not ordinary flowers, but the native blooms of the Nigerian forest, untouched by human hands and thriving in their natural habitat. It’s here, in the peaceful depths of the wilderness, that our bees craft their liquid gold.

Our unadulterated honey is a pure delight in every spoonful. Made with no additives, no preservatives, and absolutely no blending with imported honeys. What you taste is the unfiltered soul of Nigerian flora.

Our Wild Honey is not just a sweetener; it’s a healer, a natural remedy passed down through generations. Its rich antioxidants, essential vitamins, and trace enzymes make it a wholesome choice for a healthier life.

Use Honey as a Face Mask

Our raw honey can be used for skincare purposes. Apply directly to cleansed skin to help draw out impurities, reduce bacterial causing acne, and heal and exfoliate the skin.

How to eat Mimi’s Natural Wild Honey

Drizzle it over your morning yogurt, blend it into a soothing tea, add it to your smoothies, or savour it straight from the spoon—our Wild Honey is versatile, nourishing, and, above all, 100% pure.

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